4–8 NOVEMBER 2020



DAMA is an independent project taking place within historical venues in the center of Turin to involve a group of international galleries carefully invited by the artistic direction. From 2016 DAMA presents brand-new languages by emerging artists taking inspiration from Le città invisibili, a novel by Italo Calvino published in 1972, to offer a certain intimacy by installing a bespoke exhibition where artworks can be presented in a unique way, to provide to the visitors, the participating galleries and the artists a privileged environment dedicated to meaningful dialogue between contemporary art practices and history. 

A parallel program of video and performance took shape every year through the contribution of international curators invited on a rotating basis: Lorenzo Balbi (2016), Joao Laia (2017), Martha Kirszenbaum (2018) and Elise Lammer (2019).

In 2020 DAMA marks the 5th edition of the project with a new curatorial board composed by Elise Lammer and Ludovica Parenti whose mission points to reinforce the position within the international art calendar continuing to develop an alternative format based on solo presentations in addition to existing structures.

After the health emergency the upcoming edition has undergone some adjustments to lead the project in a new cultural landscape more synchronized with the needs dictated by the "new-real", focusing the attention in defense of contemporary culture through the most complex languages ​​of contemporary art: video, sound and performance.

The choice, which before the emergency had been dictated by the need to create more coordination between the hosting venues, has turned into an opportunity to lay the foundations for a long-lasting approach that will bring the public up to 2021 edition.


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